Join The Choir

Auditions for the 2018-19 Season will take place on Sept 6, 2018, and Jan 8 or 10, 2019 at Balmoral Hall School or by special appointment with the Director.

WoN Chorale auditions include the singing of O Canada, vocal exercises and ear tests. Auditionees for WoN Chamber Singers  will be 
required to sing 2 contrasting pieces (an accompanist will be available so please bring copies of your selections), some vocal exercises 
and a sight reading test.
For more information or to book an audition, contact our Choir Manager Diane Cullen by email at Please make sure to include your name, phone number, email address and don't be shy to mention any relevant experience you may have.

Choir Member Requirements

Women of Note is a self-supporting, non-profit choir operated by the Women of Note Choir Board of Directors. 

The costs for singers include:
  • Chorister fees - $100 (non-refundable registration fee + $200 ($100 / each term) = $300. Choir members must pay the fee, either in full or instalments with post-dated cheques, at the first rehearsal in September. 
  • Concert tickets - Choristers are expected to sell a minimum of 5 ticketsfor the Christmas Concert and the Spring Fling.
  • Choir uniform - Each signer is responsible for their uniform ($120). Measurements are taken at the beginning of each term and uniforms are ordered from a company specializing in choral performance dress. 
  • Choral music folder - available from the Choir Manager for $30.00.
  • Fundraising - Choristers are expected to participate in fundraising activities throughout the year. Annual fundraising projects include a poinsettia/wreath sale at the beginning of the holiday season. 
  • Workshops - Choristers are responsible for some of the costs of the workshops, including special venues and meals. Specific costs will be communicated in due time. 

Workshops and Performances
Workshops take place throughout the year to enhance the learning experience of each and every singer. 

One workshop takes place on a Friday evening and Saturday throughout the day in October or January. It's an opportunity for all members to work together to develop technique, fine tune their repertoire and have a great time together. 

There are also smaller workshops held throughout the year to help support the needs of other members of the choir.

Women of Note hosts three performances each season: 
  • The annual Christmas Concert - held on the first Sunday in December, this concert kicks off the holiday season with cheer and the beautiful sounds of the music created for this special time of year. 
  • The annual Spring Concert - dates determined annually, we celebrate the joy of spring and showcase the choir's work over the year.
  • Special projects - We take our concert on the road, travelling to various seniors' residences to perform for those who are not able to attend our concerts. Members of the choir help raise the money through donations to cover the costs of the project so that we can offer these performances for free. 

Angel Fund
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to do what they love. That's why the Women of Note Board of Directors created the Angel Fund, to provide financial help to choristers who might not be able to fulfill the financial expectations that comes with a membership. The Angel Fund is funded by choristers and the community. To learn more about how you can contribute to the Angel Fund...